Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tony's Open Chain?
Tony's Chocolonely exists to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. That is why Tony's opens its way of working for others. Tony's Open Chain is the open source platform on which chocolate companies have access to the necessary knowledge and tools. Such as Tony's Beantracker or the Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) by ICI.

How can you, as a company, join Tony's Open Chain?
With the aim of making 100% slave free the norm in chocolate, Tony's has an Open Chain approach. Tony's Chocolonely opens up its way of working for other chocolate making companies to make 100% slave free the norm for the entire chocolate industry, based on the same rules. You can join by signing up through this form.

How is the Tony's Open Chain approach different from other sustainability programs or quality marks?
None of the existing sustainability programs or quality marks applies all five Sourcing Principles. Nobody pays a higher price to make a living income achievable for farmers. Many sustainability programs and certifications only focus on increasing productivity.

What is an (mission) ally?
An ally is a company active in producing chocolate or chocolate flavored products who joins Tony’s Open Chain and commits to and adapts the Tony’s model for the long term; the 5 Sourcing Principles. All 5, no cherry picking and no ‘one offs’. Allies go 'beyond certification' and believe in direct, equal relationships throughout the entire cocoa chain. Herewith, an ally actively becomes part of the problems that occur in the cocoa value chain and commits to take ownership and responsibility.

What is an enabler?
Enablers increase the playing field on the basis of which the 5 Sourcing Principles can work and make it possible.

What exactly does a collaboration mean for an ally?
Collaboration in Tony's Open Chain is the first serious step to really change the way of working in the cocoa industry. For example, Albert Heijn is switching to cocoa purchased for Delicata according to the Sourcing Principles of Tony's Chocolonely. This goes beyond certification. Biggest chocolate maker in the world, Barry Callebaut, makes the Tony's Open Chain collaboration possible thanks to the segregated process of the cocoa. From March 2019, Delicata will start offering chocolate bars with cocoa beans that are fully traceable and purchased at a higher price from partner cooperatives of Tony's in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Albert Heijn now also starts long-term relationships and actively cooperates to professionalise cooperatives and improve quality and productivity. With Tony's 5 Sourcing Principles, a living income for the cocoa farmer is made achievable: the first crucial step to put an end to social abuse. The anonymity also goes out of the chain, so you don't only know who grows the cocoa beans, but also know under which circumstances.

What is the investment to cooperate in Tony's Open Chain?
All parties invest the independent time, energy and innovative power in this movement There are no costs involved in the cooperation. Of course, there is a uniform adaptation of adjustments that are needed.

Will allies pay the same premium as Tony's Chocolonely?
Yes, joining in Tony's Open Chain includes the Sourcing Principle of paying a higher price to make a living income for the farmer achievable. Allies will use the same model as Tony's for determining a living income.