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Tony’s Open Chain is an industry-led initiative that helps chocolate brands transform their cocoa supply chains and become sustainability frontrunners.

These companies take responsibility for:

● An open and transparent chain, where issues are always brought out in the open so they can be solved

● Direct and equal business relations throughout the entire chain

● Paying a higher price which makes a living income achievable for farmers

See how it works in 80 seconds
See how it works in 80 seconds

The Challenge

End child labour and all illegal labour in cocoa by setting a new industry standard. Together we take responsibility for the chocolate industry to drive structural change towards a more equally divided cocoa chain.

Who's in

Mission Allies go beyond certification and believe in direct, equal relationships throughout the entire cocoa chain. They join Tony's Open Chain, and work together, as well as source according to the 5 Sourcing Principles.

Mission Ally or Processor?

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5 Sourcing Principles of Tony's Open Chain

Tony’s Open Chain consists of 5 Sourcing Principles. They need to be implemented all five. No cherry-picking. In a system, you cannot change only one thing. A change always triggers something else. These 5 Sourcing Principles interact with each other to strengthen the positive impact, but also to counteract possible, negative side-effects. An integrated approach is needed, geared to structurally change the system. Every principle has its own tools.

productivity & quality the long term strong farmers a higher price traceable beans
productivity & quality the long term strong farmers a higher price traceable beans

Join Tony's Open Chain

You can join too. Change the way you work together with farmers for equal business relations and a living income for the farmers.

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What else

Want to know more about Tony's Open Chain? Check out the FAQ's, the dictionary to understand more about difficult words or drop us a message.