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Pleese joins Tony’s Open Chain


Tony’s Open Chain welcomes Pleese as a new mission ally!

Leading cheesecake brand Pleese (previously known as Pleesecakes) has partnered with Tony’s Open Chain - the open source platform of Tony’s Chocolonely, providing companies access to the necessary knowledge and tools to eliminate illegal labour and exploitation in the cocoa supply chain. New Pleese products are in development and cocoa sourcing for these products will be done according to Tony’s Open Chain 5 Sourcing Principles.  

More Mission Allies means accelerated change within the industry.

By joining Tony’s Open Chain, Pleese has committed to Tony’s Five Sourcing Principles including traceability; paying the living income reference price for cocoa; building long-term relationships with partner cooperatives; developing strong farmers; and increasing productivity and quality. Tony's Open Chain is a results-driven, future-proof initiative focused on cocoa and produces measurable impact via a proven model, creating more impact for cocoa farmers in West Africa. 

Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative I feel very passionate about and even though we are a small business, the more of us who join, the sooner we will make all chocolate 100% slave-free. We’re currently in development stages to expand our product line and by becoming the first Mission Ally in the UK, we are committed to increasing system change across the industry.

- Joe Moruzzi, Founder of Pleese

Mission Allies go beyond certification and believe in direct, equal relationships throughout the entire cocoa chain. They join Tony's Open Chain, and work together, as well as source according to the 5 Sourcing Principles.

Mission Ally or Processor?