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Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely exists to make chocolate 100% slave free. Not just its own chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. Therefore, Tony’s mission is: together we make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. It’s an impact organization making chocolate.

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 by three journalists from the Dutch TV show ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’ after they discovered that the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers were buying cocoa from plantations that used illegal child labour and modern slavery. Since then Tony’s Chocolonely has dedicated its efforts to raise awareness about the inequality in the chocolate industry. They lead by example by building direct long term relationships with cocoa farmers in Ghana and The Ivory Coast paying them a higher price and working together to solve the underlying causes of modern slavery. They want to inspire the industry as a whole to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Tony’s Chocolonely has grown to become the largest chocolate brand in the Netherlands and is now available in multiple markets like the USA, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia.


Why did Tony's start Tony's Open Chain?

The root cause of modern slavery and illegal child labor is the extreme poverty of the current business model in which farmers do not earn (at all) a fair share of all the money earned within the cocoa value chain. We believe that making money is a means, not an end. That's why Tony's Chocolonely wants to change the business model in the cocoa industry.

But, we can only change the industry together. Not only our own partner farmers need to obtain an equal position and living income. The volume of cocoa beans Tony's Chocolonely buys is not sufficient to change the system. We want chocolate making companies in the industry to join us. New rules of the business model are needed. Together we increase pressure on the chocolate industry to drive structural change towards a more equally divided cocoa chain. So that 100% slave free and child labor free no longer are an exception in chocolate, but the new norm.

We lead by example with 'Tony's Open Chain’ with direct and equal business relationships throughout the entire chocolate supply chain. Our way of working is open for everyone to implement. We share knowledge and tools on the ‘Tony’s Open Chain’ platform with other companies who want to join us in making 100% slave free the norm in chocolate.

Who needs Tony's Chocolonely to join Tony's Open Chain?

All big chocolate companies in the industry, so we can make a structural industry change! Allies become the proud co-owner of a problem created by the system they conduct business in. Tony's started the Tony's Open Chain approach,  so we know it can be changed.

What does Tony's Chocolonely expect from the mission allies to join Tony's Open Chain?

Every ally that joins Tony’s Open Chain commits to and adapts the Tony’s model for the long term; the 5 Sourcing Principles. All 5, no cherry picking and no ‘one offs’.


Mission Allies go beyond certification and believe in direct, equal relationships throughout the entire cocoa chain. They join Tony's Open Chain, and work together, as well as source according to the 5 Sourcing Principles.

Mission Ally or Processor?